Our real estate services are delivered by people who combine entrepreneurial spirit and a deep understanding of specialist property sectors with the highest standards of client care. Through our advice, our professional capabilities and the transactional services we provide, we help our clients to fulfill their real estate needs — whatever and wherever they are.



  • Development Consultancy

    Development Consultancy

    Modern Royal properties provide technical solutions that enhance the physical and economic potential of our client's property assets in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. On every instruction, we provide uncompromising professional service, quality of advice and attention to detail. Our specialist teams, with director involvement throughout, identify and act on key issues to achieve the best results for our clients time and again. We combine technical expertise and passion for what we do with a robust market awareness.

  • Valuation and Appraisals

    Valuation and Appraisals

    At, Modern Royal properties, our qualified team of appraisers facilitate our client’s needs to estimate the value of properties with the highest degree of precision. Intensive on-site and off-site property assessment goes into the creation of a lucid and detailed appraisal report every time. Expert knowledge accompanied with keen observation of the market movements in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia forms the basis of the evaluations made on each property. We leave no stone unturned to ensure our clients invest in the right place.

  • Market Research

    Market Research

    Through disciplined strategies and round the clock market analysis, our dedicated research wing ascertains that our clients leverage from the fluctuations and changes that the real estate market is bound to. We provide the necessary resources and cognizance to stay ahead in the competitive market. Our aim is to guide our clients to make informed decisions. We offer credible advice to minimize risk and maximize profit.

  • Real Estate Advisory

    Real Estate Advisory

    Modern Royal properties utilize the experience and expertise in the field of real estate market to maximize the value of our client’s property holdings. We provide guidance throughout the transaction process with the aid of comprehensive and accurate data reviews. Our market analysts update clients on local market developments to insulate them from potential risks and losses. We optimize our human and technical resources to attain the most positive outcome for our customers.

  • Sales And Marketing

    Sales And Marketing

    Marketing and sales team at Modern Royal properties creates client-specific strategies taking into account the status quo of the real estate market in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. We employ novel and consistent marketing approach that ascertains a hike in the value of the assets. Our sales group prepares performance reports of assets, to facilitate the marketing wing devise the most efficient plan that will ensure maximum return on investment for the clients.

  • Property Management

    Property Management

    Our real estate services prioritize the interests of the clients and focus on harnessing the highest possible returns on real estate investments. Under the guidance of experienced market specialists, we manage and maintain properties for our customers. We deploy innovative marketing and financial strategies to give an edge in the market. Our committed team of professionals will be in charge of all services related to the assets which includes tenant management, expenditure, and budgeting, administration, risk management and more.